3 Tips for Writing Success

Updated September 2018

If you want to improve your English writing skills, then I think there are three areas that you continually need to work on:
  • improving your vocabulary,
  • improving your grammar, and
  • understanding your audience.

Tip #1 - Improve Your Vocabulary

Add new words to your vocabulary journal every week. When you expand your vocabulary, your writing will become more interesting and more powerful. You can read my blog for ideas on how to improve your vocabulary.

Tip #2 - Improve Your Grammar

Work on your grammar every week. When you have excellent grammar skills, your readers will be better able to understand and appreciate your ideas and information. You can read my blog for ideas on how to improve your grammar.

Tip #3 - Understand Your Audience

You need to understand your audience. Are you writing for a teacher? Are you writing for your boss and co-workers at work? Are you writing for a general audience? Do you know what your audience will expect from your writing? When you understand your audience and what they want to see in papers, reports, articles, and stories, the more success you will have in communicating with your readers.

Check out this excellent blog post by Kirsty Major for her 10 tips on writing for your audience.

Working on these three area of your writing - vocabulary, grammar, and targeting your writing to a specific audience - will help you become a better English writer.

Are you unhappy with your writing skills? Do you want to become a better writer? A tutor can help you work on your grammar, vocabulary and fluency in writing. Check out my blog to see how I can help you.

Matthew Huseby, M.A.
My Language Success LLC

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